Image Processing

Enhanced object detection 5 MP polarization cameras

The uEye CP industrial cameras from IDS Imaging Development Systems are now available with Sony’s polarization sensor. The global shutter 5 MP CMOS sensor IMX250MZR with integrated on-pixel polarizer from the Sony Pregius family generates an image with four polarization directions in a single image. Based on the intensity of each directional polarization, the polarization direction and the degree of polarization of the light source can be determined. Both USB3 Vision and GigE Vision interfaces are available.

The next firmware update will allow converting the sensor raw data with the polarization modes directly on the camera into predefined result images and export them from the camera. The pixel format is automatically adapted to the selected mode.

According to the manufacturer, these characteristics make the sensor highly versatile - for example, for checking residues on surfaces before further processing or for traffic monitoring.


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