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Spectroscopy Laboratory grade spectrometer

The GL SPECTIS 6.0 spectrometer module comes in a rack-mountable 2U 19” housing (480 x 262 x 88.9 mm3) which can be easily integrated into a standard data cabinet and supports measurements in a wide spectral range of 200 to 1050 nm, offering a high resolution of 3.5 nm. The high-end spectrometer is specifically designed to meet the demands of production process control in the manufacture of LED chips or lamps and adheres to the requirements of ever more strict international lighting standards, such as CIE 127:2007 for LED measurements which defines techniques for assessing photometric and radiometric quantities such as total radiant flux or partial LED flux or IESNA LM-79-08 which describes procedures to perform reproducible measurements of total luminous flux, luminous intensity distribution or chromaticity of SSL products. The device also meets the ecodesign requirements for LEDs in accordance with EU Commission Regulation no. 1194/2012 which enforces minimum efficiency levels and labelling requirements of LED packaging.

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