Image Processing

High sensitivity Modules with Sony sensors

The new Framos sensor modules FSM-IMX462C and FSM-IMX485C each have a Sony high-resolution colour sensor with 2.9 µm pixels and a resolution of 2 MP and 8 MP, respectively. High sensitivity and further dark current reductions are achieved using Sony’s own super high conversion gain (SHCG) technology. SHCG pixels produce a higher voltage than conventional image sensors even from a small charge in low incident light. This yields a stronger signal in the analogue domain.

In addition, the IMX462LQR-C sensor has a higher near-infrared sensitivity (SHCG+NIR). The digital overlap (DOL) HDR option on both sensors allows up to three exposures to be taken with minimal latency. These can be combined into one HDR image. This is benefitial in difficult, highly dynamic light conditions (for example daylight with shadows). Both sensors are equipped with an electronic rolling shutter with variable exposure time.

The IMX462LQR-C on the FSM-IMX462C sensor module is a full HD sensor with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (2.13 MP) and a diagonal of 6.46 mm (1/2.8"). At full resolution, it achieves a frame rate of 120 fps (at 10 bits). The IMX485LQJ-C on the FSM-IMX485C sensor module is a 4K image sensor with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (8.3 MP) and a diagonal of 12.86 mm (1/1.2"). It delivers frame rates of 60 fps (at 12 bits) or 90 fps (at 10 bits). Framos offers both sensors on its proprietary sensor modules (FSM).

The new sensors are suitable for surveillance and inspection tasks in light-critical conditions as well as factory automation applications.


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